We understand that small businesses can’t always afford custom designed websites, therefore we have come up with a cheaper solution for you.
We have designed our own ready-made themes that you can choose from and we just add your branding and content to… wow!


      • Cost Efficient
      • Less Development time
      • Earlier launch date
      • Can still be customised with content & branding

Mix & Match

We are also offering the option to mix & match different sections from our different themes!

For example: you may want the ‘Get the Treats’ styled shop for your E-Commerce website, but really like the simple and sleek ‘Jackman Interiors’ landing page… so why not have both?


The ‘Get The Treats’ Theme is a playful and interactive design, used to entice consumers with familiarity and fun, ultimately leading them to buy your products.


  • E-commerce/online shop
  • Ability to categorise products
  • Customer reviews & related products
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Interactive/Responsive Elements
    (Such as images moving with the user’s mouse actions)
  • Icon Navigation Menu
    (Feels more like an app. Great for targeting a younger market)
  • Integrated Social Media accounts
  • Normal Navigation Menu at bottom as a simple site map
  • Circular/Radial shapes for extra visual appeal


The ‘Sports Club’ theme boasts functionality with the ability to manage your club from behind the scenes and it automatically update your website so your supporters and sponsors can stay up to date.


  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Manage all of the data from behind the scenes with SportsPress
  • Game draw
  • Player Lists & Profiles
  • Ability to insert player details & stats
  • Top ranked Players table
  • Share latest news & upcoming events just like a blog
  • Show a gallery of your games or link it to your local sports photographer’s pag
  • Share the history of your club
  • What you offer at your club
  • Profiles for the important people behind the club
  • Information about your facilities and if you allow bookings for event
  • Keep all your information organised with tabs instead of different pages!
  • Contact us form that goes straight to your clubs email address
  • Subscription to your club’s Newsletters & the ability to download the latest Newslette
  • Display your Sponsor’s logos on the footer of each page to say thanks!


The Aroha Nui (Much Love) Theme is a simple, elegant and powerful website theme perfect for any business that requires customers to book appointments easily and efficiently.


  • Landing Page with feature images
  • About & Team information
  • Services page to list what services you offer with space to add more description
  • Contact Page with a web form and location map
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Bookings page with the ‘Amelia’ bookings & events plugin integrated
  • Amelia is a powerful automated booking specialist, with this you can control your bookings/appointments like a pro
  • Simple to use booking interface for customers
  • View & manage all of your appointments on a calendar – separate calendar for each staff member (view as monthly, weekly, daily, etc)
  • Keep track of finance/payments made through the online booking system.
  • Integration with Woo-commerce and PayPal
  • Create online coupons and bookable events (50% off day)
  • Customise front-end form and calendar to match your branding
  • Approve or decline appointment requests with automatic email/SMS notifications to the client.
  • Perfect for Beauty & Spa Salons, Gym & Sports, Private Clinics, Consultants, Repair Garages, etc.

Currently in Development


The ‘Hauora’ Theme boasts attractiveness with a sleek visual header on the landing page, consistent colour palette, simple yet effective blog layout and a handy contact web form. It’s simplicity is an advantage, especially for those who are new to blogging or those that put UX (user experience) first. 


  • Blog
  • Latest Posts on home page
  • Blog Archive
  • Easy to edit blog pages/articles
  • Online Contact Form
  • Audio & Video on Landing Page
  • Consistent Navigation Menu
  • Ability to categorise blog posts
  • Easy navigation using the footer site map
  • Integrated Social Media accounts
  • Ability to share blog posts to Social Media
  • Mobile responsive layout


The ‘Jackman Interiors’ Theme is a sleek and clean minimalistic design, used primarily to display imagery for online portfolios.


  • Online Portfolio
  • Ability to showcase work under categories
  • Sleek & modern layout
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Interactive/Responsive Elements
    (Such as images showing title when user hovers)
  • Allows for more imagery and less words
  • Interactive display of your business team
  • A content timeline to display the process of your service
  • Online form so potential clients can message you straight from your site
  • Integrated Social Media accounts
  • More detailed site map at bottom allowing for a lot more content on pages


The Kakara Flora Theme is a sleek minimalistic theme simply for showing what you and your business are about.


  • Landing Page 
  • About information
  • What We Do Page
  • Service Prices
  • Gallery
  • Connect Page with a web form
  • Social Media Integration in footer
  • Mobile responsive layout