Hello, my name is Claudette
Hello, my name is Claudette

Owner of Mahi Design Ltd.
Web, UX, Graphic & Branding Designer & Developer

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About Mahi Design...

What We Do

We create & develop affordable and responsive designs that not only reflect the true individuality of your small business, but also ensure a positive working relationship with your consumers through research & UX design

Why We Do It

Having an online presence and strong marketing is so incredibly important for any business these days. However, there is soo much more behind running a business that it can be especially hard for small businesses/organisations to find the time to focus on this!

That's Why We're Here

Using our experience with management, marketing, research, design and development, we will work with you and go above and beyond to help build your brand and online presence to truly reflect how great your business/organisation is!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Message us now to find out more information, fill in our online form or download one of our questionnaires and we will get back to you soon!

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